Basketballs life

Sports Always
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Sports helps kids everywhere stay active and it's something you do when your bored. Some kids love it and some may not. there's so many different sports, such as Basrball, Softball, basketball for girls and boys, there's track and feild, there hokey, cheer, dance, gymnastics, wrestling, football and many more. So I think every person has one sport they like even if they don't know it yet because they probably haven't tried it. So if I was you i'd try sports even if u dont think you like it.

Track Star

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Track is good to practice pacing yourself. Pacing yourself is running at a limite so you can run for hours without being super tired. So Track isn't just running it's also throwing, jumping high and long and jumping fast. there called 100 meter which is racing for 100 meter basically, there's 4 by 100 which is 4 people and they have 100 meters to run but you have to pass the a baton and you can't drop it and stuff. There's high jump is where there's a tecneque to jump and you have to jump over a stick type thing without knocking it down. Also there's long jump you run and try to jump long and there's way more but i'm not going to get into it.